Why would I get a Facial?

One of the main reasons to get a facial would be to understand how your skin works, to make sure you are using the right products for your skin, to treat any problems your having with your skin. Your lifestyle, hormones, stress levels and environment we are living in is changing all the time that is why it is so important that regular facials are so important so we know if we need to change any of our homecare products. There is no point in getting a facial if you are not going to use anything on your skin at home as this is the most important bit of your skincare retain. Facials give your skin a deep clean, soften skin and remove black heads. It is a temporary improvement for any type of skin condition/problem. Masks used in facials will add moisture witch will in turn plump skin and smooth out wrinkles. Exfoliators or light chemical peel will help get rid of any dead skin cells on the skins surface and help clean any barriers on the skin to let products like serums, toners, and moisturized work better on the skin. They will also help fade brown discoloration on the skin. Along with all of this facials are also very relaxing and help balance the skin and mind!! To find out more come for a facial will be sure to find one for you.

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