Laser Hair Removal: The Answer to Annoying Hair

Laser Hair Removal. Light energy tackles the root of the hair problem. Lasers are specialised in efficient and gentle hair removal. They treat larger skin areas such as back, shoulders or legs, but can selectively remove hairs from the face, the axilla or the bikini area as well. Light application damages the root of a hair and stops the hair from regrowing.

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Laser Hair Removal: Beautiful Skin Quickly & Gently

Hair removal with laser is applied to cleansed and shaved skin. During the treatment, the skin is cooled to make the application almost painless. Only a slight pinching on the skin indicates that the hair follicles were successfully destroyed. It is only during growth phases that the light pulses can damage the root of  a hair. Therefore, several sessions are necessary to reach all hair roots effectively. Treatment time is restricted to a few seconds up to minutes depending on the body area treated.

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